Jõulumüük Meelerõõmu Gildis

Christmas sale at Meelerõõmu Gild

The first Christmas sale of KVD products will take place on Saturday of next week, December 02 at 12-15 at Meelerõmu Gild, Türi street 6. We are waiting for all the early elves and Santa Clauses to visit and buy gifts for their Christmas bags...

Tänasest müügil LEVI kaupluses Solarises!

On sale from today in the LEVI store in Solaris!

From today, KVD handbags are on sale at the LEVI store in Solaris, Tallinn. In addition to the already familiar KVD handbags, there are also new, fresh autumn models on sale, such as a waist bag with a zipper and a larger shoulder bag with a zipper, which can be used to carry A4 papers, an I-pad or even a laptop....

KVD käekotid suvepealinnas Pärnus

KVD handbags in the summer capital of Pärnu

In July, a cheerful photo shoot of KVD handbags took place in the summer capital of Pärnu. In excellent sunny and windy weather, we got pictures with a nice vibe, where the most well-known favorite places in Pärnu were chosen as the background...

EKA Avatud Akadeemia lõpetamine

Graduation of the EKA Open Academy

On June 7, 2023, the annual course on creating a collection of leather accessories was completed at the Estonian Academy of Arts as part of the Open Academy, where we gained both knowledge and practical skills in the manufacture of shoes and handbags. Our study group was good and hardworking, everyone who...

Uneleja kingipoes nüüd müügil KVD käekotid

KVD handbags are now on sale in the Uneleja gift shop

Uneleja gift shop in Tabasalu center now has KVD mobile, crossbody and waist bags for sale. The Uneleja gift shop offers a diverse and interesting selection of gifts, and there are discounted prices until the end of May. Hurry up, dreamers of practical gifts!

Lõputööd Solarise keskuses

Theses at the Solaris Center

The EKA Open Academy thesis exhibition is open in May and June on Solaris design street. We had a good group - all the starters also finished, and they put a lot of effort into completing theses. All the works were created by the creator with his own story and came out very unique. Learned...

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