About us

Karin Voit Designs as a company is established in 2022 that focuses on the production and sale of handmade bags. Handbags are mainly produced from real chrome leather.

Brand founder Karin Voit:
Since I was little, I have appreciated well-made and finished handicrafts, and I have practiced various techniques myself: knitting, embroidery, nipple lace, crocheting and sewing.

It all started in kindergarten, where the educators directed me to do handicrafts and my embroidered pillow with crocheted paws made it to the exhibition. My great-grandfather Johannes and grandmother Johanna Elise were also role models for me in making handicrafts. Johannes knitted on the loom, but also made gloves and socks on the needles, Johanna Elise knitted, crocheted and sewed - just for the needs of her family, because it was important to give them both joy and warmth with the items she made.

I am a craft teacher by profession, but I have never done the work of a trade teacher, but rather just enjoyed making crafts myself

I worked with pottery for 10 years, guided various workshops and discovered the secrets of clay crafting. During this time, several consumer items were made for themselves, family, friends and also for sale.

Creating my own brand has been in my mind for a long time, but it was realized thanks to the excellent cooperation with the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund. I have liked real leather and leather items for as long as I can remember, and my other great passion has always been improving my skills - that's how I finished a course on creating a collection of leather accessories at the Estonian Academy of Arts.

All of the aforementioned excellent components brought together the business idea of ​​making handicrafts with joy, using the best materials, designing interesting thoughts into objects, offering interested people a new quality of handicrafts as well as exclusive leather items - real leather handbags.

Dear friends, customers! Thank you for your trust yesterday, today and tomorrow, I wish you happy shopping and wearing Karin Voit Designs products, I always look forward to your feedback!

Sincerely yours

Karin Voit